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Understanding tests and test scoring

 Understanding Tests and Test Scoring
Be forewarned that this article is 30 pages long if printed on paper.

 Understanding Tests and Measurements
For the Parent and Advocate

Intelligence Theory and Testing
History of influences in the development of intelligence theory. Includes an interactive map and a list of hot topics.

Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT)
Peel ABC in Ontario outlines the use of the CCAT.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

Alberta's Provincial Achievement Testing Program

Exam Bank
Jump start the test taking skills of a student faced with the Alberta Provincial Exams. Exam Bank incites the student to fill in the questions as soon as they log in with the promise of instantaneous self-marked results plus feedback for further study. Note: There is a user fee attached to this service.

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Home of the tests: AP, SAT, and more; with information and practice test questions.

Saxon Placement Tests
Math and phonics placement tests for pre-ECS to grade 12.

Schonell Reading Test
This brief test determines the grade level of reading decoding, but be aware that it does not test reading comprehension.

Checkpoints for Progress
In Reading and Writing for Teachers and Learning Partners

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests