Action for Bright Children (ABC) Calgary Society

CABC - Jo-Anne Koch Scholarships

Action for Bright Children Calgary Society, in conjunction with Student Aid Alberta, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Jo-Anne Koch - ABC (Calgary) Society Awards. Jo-Anne, founding Principal of ABC Charter Public School in 1996, was a true "force to be reckoned with" in the field of publicly-funded gifted education.

Twelve students applied for the inaugural (2012) award. Applicants attended High School all across Alberta: from the far Northwest to the deep south, from towns and cities of all sizes. Thank you to all applicants.

The 2012 winners were from: 

École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School, Lacombe
Westmount Charter School, Calgary.

The 2013 winners were from:

Bishop Carroll High School, Calgary,
Westmount Charter School, Calgary. 

The 2014 winners were from:

Center High Campus, Edmonton,
Westmount Charter School, Calgary.

The intent of these annual awards, valuded at $750 each, is to have one award for gifted students graduating from Westmount Charter School (formerly ABC Charter Public School), and one for a graduating gifted student from any other publicly funded Alberta High School. In the event that there is no suitable candidate from Westmount Charter School, both awards will be offered to qualified students from other Alberta High Schools. Appliants must meet the criteria for Giftedness as determined by their school juridsiction.

For more information about these new scholarships, click here:
To download the application form, click here.

Annual application deadline is April 1, with the award winners to be announced by June 1.