Action for Bright Children (ABC) Calgary Society


Learning Disabilities Online
Organization Site contains numerous resources on gifted/ld and assessment.

Talented and Gifted Bibliography

Gifted Development Centre
Linda Silverman is well known for her interest in the emotional aspects of giftedness, the highly gifted and gifted females. This web site provides access to a number of her articles and summarizes what she and her staff have learned about gifted children in twenty years of doing assessments at her Denver clinic.

Gifted LD - Just the FAQs

Hoagies' Gifted Education Pages
This exciting site contains links to Gifted Education resources all over the world, carefully annotated and organized into content areas including academic acceleration, gifted learning disabled, profoundly gifted, educational theories, software, etc.

Kidsource Online
These articles and digests provide guidance and activities for both parents and educators of gifted students.

Absences in thought?

Homescholing: A light at the end of a tunnel.


GT World, Gifted Talented World

Gifted Children Monthly